Our Process

They say an artist’s work is never done. At Underwood Nursery we treat every landscape we design, no matter the size, like a work of art.  Our designers will work directly with you through every step of the process to ensure your landscape not only functions the way you envisioned but also reflects your style.


Design Process

1 - Roe Property.jpg


Before we can begin estimating we need to first catalog and analyze the existing landscape conditions. Typically, our designers will meet with you at your project site to walk the property and discuss details of the project. During the initial on-site meeting, we will take notes, measurements, and photos to begin the process. 

9 - Roe Pic Program- Sketch-1.jpg


Similar to preliminary sketches, photo rendering is the next tool our designers use to convey their ideas and receive feedback from you. This stage is generally reserved for smaller projects that need less structural work and more plantings.

5. Model

Also included in the design packet will be a series of snapshots from a 3D model of your project. The level of detail in the model depends on the size and scope of the project. 3D views are a great tool to help communicate design ideas and give you a realistic idea of what your landscape will look like once it is completed.

3 - Roe Design Sketch-1.jpg

2. Preliminary sKETCHES

Preliminary sketches and concept drawings are helpful at the beginning stages of a project because they allow designers communicate their initial ideas and help ensure the project heads in trajectory you are happy with. Sketches are also a quick, easier way to flush out ideas and explore multiple options to be sure you have the best design for your space.

Roe Landscape Plan.jpg

4. Site Plan

The final design will be presented in a design packet featuring the Site Plan, a full-color computer rendered plan that will showcase the design. The plan will have graphic representation of each landscape element including softscapes (i.e. plant material, mulch, soil, etc.) and hardscape (patios, firepits, walkways, etc.). The Site plan will have extensive labeling to allow you to review and discuss your project at home.

11 - Rose design program sketch 2-1.jpg

6. Revisions

Most projects will have many revisions throughout the design process. Changes to the design can be made all the way until the moment of installation. We want to be sure your project turns out how you imagined and that you are happy with your beautiful new landscape.


Design Gallery

Finished Project

3D Model